Running back to where it all begin: Smederevo Fortress



Running. A practice that transcends mere exercise—it’s a journey, a reflection, and a homecoming. Today, I laced up my running shoes and embarked on a nostalgic journey back to where my story began—the historic Smederevo Fortress.

Running amidst historic walls - Smederevo Fortress
Exploring the past while jogging through the historic Smederevo Fortress

Running has always been more than just a physical endeavor for me. It’s a pilgrimage to places that carry significance, each step echoing the rhythm of my life’s milestones. The Smederevo Fortress stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and history—a perfect backdrop for my introspective run.

As my feet pounded against the cobblestones, memories flooded my mind. The echo of laughter from childhood days spent exploring these ancient walls, the resolute resolve built through challenges faced and conquered, and the peace found within the castle’s towering embrace—all merging with the rhythm of my breath.

Tracing the perimeter of this historic landmark, the vibrant energy of the fortress coursed through me, pushing me forward. The serenity of the Danube River beside me, the sun casting its warm embrace upon my path—each stride held an amalgamation of past and present.

But beyond the nostalgic aura, this run reinstated the significance of running in my life. It’s not merely about physical endurance, but a mental and emotional sanctuary—a space to reconnect, recalibrate, and rejuvenate. The fortress’s stoic presence reminded me that running acts as a conduit for self-reflection and growth, a medium to revisit one’s roots and chart new paths forward.

As I reached the end of my run, the fortress walls stood tall behind me, a silent witness to the strides I’ve taken, both literally and figuratively. Running back to where it all began was not just a run—it was a reminder of the significance of beginnings and the continuity of growth.

This run encapsulated more than just miles covered. It was a testament to the transformative power of running—a journey inward and onward.


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