About Me

Bojan Marković in Lush Green Garden - Connecting with Nature
Embracing Nature’s Beauty: Bojan Marković Surrounded by Greenery

Born in 1974 in Smederevo, a town nestled in Serbia, Europe.

My early days were marked by an independent exploration of life’s intriguing paths. My primary school years were filled with a fervent interest in programming, music, sports, and spirituality. The journey through martial arts, ranging from football to karate, kickboxing, and boxing, began in my childhood and evolved throughout my life. Simultaneously, I cultivated a passion for both the gym and music, culminating in the successful completion of a music school and the commencement of my commercial programming endeavors during high school.

Armed with a management degree, my career path led me through various companies: “Zelezera” in Smederevo (Serbia), HPA in Sydney (Australia), and the last 20 years as a systems engineer at Tenfore doo in Belgrade (Serbia).

However, the challenge of managing my body weight persisted from high school. Despite persistent exercise and effort, fluctuations in weight continued until I discovered Mindfulness. Realizing that the true path lies in conscious living, training, and eating mindfully in the present moment, I’ve witnessed numerous positive changes since adopting this approach.